At Playland Nursery School we are warm, loving and nurturing and believe that nothing is more important in preschool than play. This is why we say academics at Playland are three dimensional and hands on. Please see below for school news and information.

Election Day

While grown-ups were voting in the local elections, the Playland Panda Bears learned about elections and choices themselves.  The class voted on what color sand to put in the class’s [...]

Fire Trucks!

Playland Nursery School students enjoyed a visit from the Stamford Fire Department.  We learned about fire safety and students got to go inside the firetruck.  It was a great way to celebrate [...]

Pumpkins & Gourds

The Polar Bear class (4 & 5 year olds) harvested the Playland pumpkin patch today! Each spring, the Polar Bears plant pumpkin and gourd seeds to be charted and harvested by the next years [...]

Playland Fall Social

We had a wonderful Playland Family Fall Social!  It was great to see students, siblings, parents and teachers enjoying a gorgeous fall day together.  Food trucks, s’mores, boating, fishing, [...]